Friday, January 28, 2022

The Crew, part 4: Veydan Bansi


Veydan Bansi

2B4AC6      Human male 38, Former xenobiology researcher
Advocate-1, Athletics-0, Diplomat-0, Electronics (comms)-1, Engineer-0, Flyer-0, Gambler-0, Gun combat (slug)-1, Gunner (turret)-1, Investigate-1, Mechanic-1, Medic-3, Persuade-1, Pilot (spacecraft)-1, Science (biology)-2, Science (xenobiology)-2, Vacc Suit-0 

Subsector Doctor of Law, Surgeon’s License, Sensor Operator’s Certificate, Turret Gunnery Certificate, Spacecraft Pilot’s License

Lab ship, Cr21K

Veydan was born on Fami (BAA3240-C), a very large world with an exotic atmosphere and a very small population. The populace worked at the port, and the shipyard.

Veydan decided that higher education is his future. He got into a good university, took up engineering as a hobby. He graduated with a major in medicine, and minor in biology.

He failed to get into academia, and decided to submit to the Draft. He got drafted into the merchant marine. He did not find his place there, nor did he think that gunnery was his forte.

He finally managed to get an academic position, got into a secret research project funded by the Navy, and got a promotion. He advanced his knowledge in medicine, and xenobiology. The secret project site was attacked by the enemy and the civilian personal were evacuated. On the journey back to safer place he met Mukul and they became friends.

On his fourth term, Veydan got into more research funded by the Navy (he didn't learn his lesson), he found it morally questionable, but the pay too good to pass. He advanced in both biology, and xenobiology, and got his surgeon license. He met Anchita, who was a Navy officer commanding one of the ships that guarded the site, and they became friends.

On his fifth term, Veydan got involved in a bureaucratic morass (some accounting problem) that ended his academic career. Though his connection he managed to get a hold of a Lab ship.

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