Friday, January 28, 2022

The Crew, part 4: Veydan Bansi


Veydan Bansi

2B4AC6      Human male 38, Former xenobiology researcher
Advocate-1, Athletics-0, Diplomat-0, Electronics (comms)-1, Engineer-0, Flyer-0, Gambler-0, Gun combat (slug)-1, Gunner (turret)-1, Investigate-1, Mechanic-1, Medic-3, Persuade-1, Pilot (spacecraft)-1, Science (biology)-2, Science (xenobiology)-2, Vacc Suit-0 

Subsector Doctor of Law, Surgeon’s License, Sensor Operator’s Certificate, Turret Gunnery Certificate, Spacecraft Pilot’s License

Lab ship, Cr21K

Veydan was born on Fami (BAA3240-C), a very large world with an exotic atmosphere and a very small population. The populace worked at the port, and the shipyard.

Veydan decided that higher education is his future. He got into a good university, took up engineering as a hobby. He graduated with a major in medicine, and minor in biology.

He failed to get into academia, and decided to submit to the Draft. He got drafted into the merchant marine. He did not find his place there, nor did he think that gunnery was his forte.

He finally managed to get an academic position, got into a secret research project funded by the Navy, and got a promotion. He advanced his knowledge in medicine, and xenobiology. The secret project site was attacked by the enemy and the civilian personal were evacuated. On the journey back to safer place he met Mukul and they became friends.

On his fourth term, Veydan got into more research funded by the Navy (he didn't learn his lesson), he found it morally questionable, but the pay too good to pass. He advanced in both biology, and xenobiology, and got his surgeon license. He met Anchita, who was a Navy officer commanding one of the ships that guarded the site, and they became friends.

On his fifth term, Veydan got involved in a bureaucratic morass (some accounting problem) that ended his academic career. Though his connection he managed to get a hold of a Lab ship.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The Crew, part 3: Mukul Udayan


Mukul Udayan

649B36  Human male 38, Navy Commander (retired)
Athletics-0, Electronics (sensors)-3, Engineer (power)-2, Explosives-1, Gun combat (slug)-3, Gunner (turret)-1, Heavy weapons-0, Leadership-2, Medic-0, Melee (blade)-1, Pilot (spacecraft)-2, Stealth-1, Survival-0, Tactics (naval)-2, Vacc Suit-0

Sensor Operator’s Certificate, Turret Gunnery Certificate, Spacecraft Pilot’s License, Chief Engineer’s License

Pension: Cr1000, Cash: Cr21K

Mukul was born and raise on Zhong-Li-Quan (C672645-A), a planet with little water, lots of rural areas, and average TL. 

Mukul decided to join the Marines and see the universe. He got a commission, learned to command, and then moved to another system.

On his second term he failed to re-enlist to the Marines, and decided to submit to the Draft. He got drafted to the Navy, on the Engineering track. He got a commission (he's got what it takes) and got a promotion. During that term Mukul showed integrity and didn't abuse his position for personal gain.

During his third term he was involved in the mission to defend the secret research base of the Navy at Xexer, where he met Veydan, and learned to pilot and gunnery.

On his fourth term Mukul met Jivany Udip, a small ship Navy pilot. They got involved but it didn't last long. He also was on the mission to Minaii, where he helped Akash during the evacuation and they became friends.
Age started showing its signs and his endurance suffered.

On his fifth term, Mukul had a mishap when he was revived from cold sleep and it affected his muscles, he got a promotion, and was honorable discharged.
His endurance suffered even more due to his age.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Crew, part 2: Anchita Mukund


Anchita Mukund

59697E  Human female 42, Navy Captain (retired)
Admin-1, Astrogation-1, Athletics-0, Deception-1, Electronics (comms)-1, Electronics (computers)-1, Engineer (life support)-1, Flyer (grav)-2, Gun combat (energy)-1, Gun combat (slug)-1, Gunner (turret)-4, Leadership-1, Mechanic-0, Medic-1, Melee (blade)-1, Persuade-1, Pilot (spacecraft)-1, Tactics (naval)-2, Vacc Suit-0 

TAS membership, Cr21K

Unlimited Master's License, Turret Gunnery License, Grav Vehicle Pilot's License, Assistant Engineer's License, Certified Medical Technician, Cargomaster Certificate

Anchita was born and raised on Lyro Coloo (A500310-C), an airless barren rock with very low population.

She decided that her best ticket out of Lyro is the Navy, and at the age of 18 she got into the Navy academy. She met Arati Mahddev and they become friends for life. Anchita focused on flight. She graduated, and managed to get a commission.

On her first term in the Navy Anchita was part of a task force deployed that engaged a pirate base in the Hastoo system. Her gunnery got her a promotion for her part.

On her second term in the Navy, Anchita got a promotion and moved to a different system.

On her third term in the Navy, Anchita failed to re-enlist to the Navy. So she decided to submit to the Draft, and got drafted to the Navy (they always get it right). She met Harish Jayrat, a corporate Agent, they got involved but it didn't last long. She was part of the task force sent to Sutekh, on the journey she met Akash and got involved with him. They had to keep their relationship secret.

On her fourth term in the Navy, Anchita was involved in an operation to defend a secret Navy research base. There she met Veydan and found out that the Navy is conducting morally questionable research on aliens. Not wanting to believe, she did her own research into the files of the project. Confirming his story, she kept in touch with Veydan.

On her fifth term in the Navy, Anchita had a medical mishap when she was revived from cold sleep and it affected her muscles, she got promoted, and decided to retire.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Crew, part 1: Akash Lalu

 Akash Lalu

9C357A    Human male 36, Marine Captain (retired)
Athletics-0, Carouse-0, Deception-1, Drive (wheel)-2, Electronics-0,
Gun Combat (energy)-3, Gun Combat (slug)-3, Heavy Weapons (man-portable)-1,
Leadership-1, Medic-1, Melee-0, Persuade-1, Recon-1, Stealth-1, Tactics-0,
Vacc Suite-0


Certified Medical Technician (CMT), Wheeled Vehicle Driver’s Certificate 

Akash was born on Hupa (B210100-D), a nearly airless rock whose only redeeming feature is its position on a junction of the space lanes.The system has both a Naval base and a Scout base. Although it has a gas giant (Oppo), it is very active, so the bases were built over Hupa. There are no inhabitants on the surface of Hupa. The locals are all port personal and their families. 

Akash was raised in the Navy base. His father disapproved when Akash went to
 the military academy. Although he didn't graduate, he was drafted to the Marines.

On his first term in the Marines his commanding officer (Vrisini Chimay) took
 an interest in him, and Akash made it to Lance Corporal.

On his second term, Akash was involved in an operation on Sutekh, when his
platoon lost its commanding officer Akash took initiative and led his comrades to safety under heavy fire. For his bravery and initiative he got a medal and a commission. During that deployment, he met Anchita, a higher ranking Navy officer, and got involved with her. They managed to keep it secret.

On his third term, Akash was involved in a disastrous mission on Minaii, where his
 commanding officer (Shodhar Harris) made a mistake that cost the live of  five men. Akash stuck by his commanding officer. In the evacuation from Minaii, he met Mukul (a Navy engineering officer), they got along swell on the range aboard the ship.

On his fourth term, Akash took medic training. He was severely injured on a
 mission and honorably discharged. The Marines covered most of the expensive rehabilitation, and he got an advanced shooting course.


I'm using Certifications of Starship Crew by "The Great dungeon of the North".

Monday, January 10, 2022

Solo Traveller

 Due to unfortunate circumstances I had to cancel many sessions in my D&D campaign. On the other hand I found myself with quite a lot of time waiting. So I decided to try solo Traveller.

 My main guide is "Travelling Alone" by Dave Cooper. Over the years I have purchased many Traveller books and I have the following to expand on:

 Other links that will come in handy:

 Naturally I started by building a crew. So next I will introduce the crew.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

NewYearNewCharacter, Day 31

Elber Abrahams, human male, 40, former surgeon.

For characteristics I rolled: 7, 8, 4, 4, 5, 6
I assigned them thus:

STR 4, DEX 4, END 5, INT 7, EDU 8, SOC 6

Homeworld: Roger/Moibin
Background skills: Carouse-0, Electronics-0, Science-0
Enrolled to university.
Event: You become involved in a tightly knit clique or group and make a pact to remain friends forever, wherever in the galaxy you may end. Gain D3 Allies.
Ally: Armanis Altovity
Ally: Rodrock Bentley
Skills: Medic-2, Engineer (life support)-1
Characteristics: EDU+3

Got a job as a surgeon.
First term event: Someone you help is grateful, leading to a a great deal on a ship. Gain a Yacht.
Failed to get a promotion.
Skills: Admin-0, Diplomat-0, Steward-0

Second term event:
Travel: You move to another world. You gain DM+2 to your next Qualification roll.
Characteristics: INT+1 (personal development)

I'll try surgeon again.
Made it.
Third term event:
You learn to spot cases of people self-inflicting wounds to collect on insurance.Increase INT+1.
Got a promotion.
Skills: Admin-1, Carouse-1
Check for aging: no effect

Fourth term event:
You learn to spot cases of people self-inflicting wounds to collect on insurance.Increase INT+1.
Got a promotion.
Skills: Medic-3, Streetwise-1
Check for aging: no effect.

Fifth term event:
You attend university when you're not working. Increase EDU+1.
Failed to get a promotion.
Skills: Leadership-1
Check for aging: decrease on physically characteristics by 1. END-1.

Decided to muster out.
Cash: 20,000Cr
Benefits: personal vehicle, Ally x2, scientific equipment
Ally: Fynnegun Stepanek, criminal syndicate
Ally: Aedele Odoacer, free trader

Elber Abrahams
, human male, 40, former surgeon
Medic-3, Admin-1, Carouse-1, Engineer (life support)-1, Streetwise-1, Diplomat-0, Electronics-0, Science-0, Steward-0
Cash: 20,000Cr
Equipment: personal vehicle, Yacht, scientific equipment
Ally: Armanis Altovity (university bff)
Ally: Rodrock Bentley (university bff)
Ally: Fynnegun Stepanek, criminal syndicate
Ally: Aedele Odoacer, free trader
Stout, with matted blond hair and hazel eyes.
Independent, resilient, and generous.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

NewYearNewCharacter, Day 30

Continuing with JBE's Careers Beyond the Claw.

Herlee Linville, human female, 42, Lieutenant (system guards) retired.

For characteristics I rolled: 9, 5, 8, 9, 7, 3
I assigned them thus:

STR 5, DEX 7, END 8, INT 9, EDU 9, SOC 3

Homeworld: Tungohl/Balech
Background skills: Electronics-0, Mechanic-0, Streetwise-0, Vacc Suit-0

Enrolled to university.
Event: Taking advantage of youth, you party as much as you study. Gain Carouse 1.
Skills: Engineer (m-drive)-2, Carouse-1, Science (physics)-1
Characteristics: EDU+3

Enlisted to the system guards.
First term event:
During a routine inspection, someone pulls a weapon on you. Roll INT5+. If you succeed, gain a weapon and its former owner as an Enemy. If you fail, roll twice on the injury table, take teh best result, gain DM -2 to you next advancement or commission roll.
Made my roll.
Equipment: weapon
Enemy: Graeham Yasin, pulled a weapon on me during inspection, but I handled it.
Got a commission.
Got a promotion.
Skills: Melee (blade)-1, Gunner-0, Investigate-0, Pilot-0
Characteristics: END+1 (personal development)

Second term event:
You efforts are exceptionally noteworthy. Gain DM+4 to you next Advancement or Commission roll.
Got a promotion.
Skills: Admin-1, Leadership-1, Tactics (naval)-1

Third term event:
New Contact: You gain a new Contact.
Contact: Shichiro 7603, AI
Got a promotion.
Skills: Leadership-2, Melee (blade)-2
Check for aging: reduce two physical characteristics by 1. STR-1, DEX-1

Fourth term event:
You seize a free trader and claim it before it goes to auction. Gain a Free Trader.
Failed to get promoted.
Skills: Electronics (sensors)-1
Check for aging: no effect

Fifth term event:
You disrupt a smuggling ring. Gain an extra Benefit roll.
Failed to get promoted.
Skills: Leadership-3
Check for aging: no effect

Decided to muster out.
Cash: 20,000
Pension: 10,000Cr
Benefits: EDU+1, INT+2, Ship's Boat, ship share, Free Trader, 2 ship shares

Herlee Linville
, human female, 42, Lieutenant (system guards) retired
Leadership-3, Engineer (m-drive)-2, Melee (blade)-2, Admin-1, Carouse-1, Electronics (sensors)-1, Science (physics)-1, Tactics (naval)-1, Gunner-0, Investigate-0, Mechanic-0, Pilot-0, Streetwise-0, Vacc Suit-0
Enemy: Graeham Yasin, pulled a weapon on me during inspection, but I handled it.
Contact: Shichiro 7603, AI
Cash: 20,000Cr
Pension: 10,000Cr
Benefits: 3 ship shares
Equipment: Free Trader x2, Ship's Boat, foil
Long black hair and bright gray eyes.
Hard working, assertive, and kindly.